Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Studio class at River's Edge

We have a great group of artists working together at the studio. This is a recent picture of painters hard at work. Lots of art work is created, and we love to share our ideas and help and support one another in our creative efforts. We all grow as artists when we get inspiration from our collegues. I'm so lucky to have the privilege of working with a great group of artists! It makes the day a better one when we can create in harmony together.

Set designs for "The Convent of the Devil"

I was honored to be part of a multi-national performance project recently. A collaboration between ACDT of Asheville,NC and Asheville artists, and dancers, choreographer and composer from Merida Mexico, this show is about the Urbain Grandier affair. Its a dark true story - Alexandre Dumas and Aldous Huxley wrote about it and Ken Burns made a movie. The cross above is part of my set design that was just shipped to Merida for a Dec 1st performance. It has been a great experience - and there were no indifferent viewers in the audience at the debut of this provocative show.