Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010

Greetings! I realized it has been quite a while since posting! Our new gallery was a year old in April, and things have been busy. We have had a number of featured artist exhibitions, and will continue through the fall season with new work each month.

River's Edge Studio is currently hosting classes taught by some wonderful artists and scholars. Coming this month (August) are classes being taught by
Lorelle Bacon - Colored Pencil
Mary Farmer - Encaustic
and this fall we will have
Jane Snyder - watercolor
Lorelle Bacon - Portraits from life and Miniature Art classes
Elizabeth Lasley - Mixed Media and Assemblage
Mary Farmer - Encaustic, advanced Demo
Bob Martin - Landscape Sumi-e
Karen Weihs - From Field to Folly, painting Seminart
Susan Stratton - Art History Lecturer from Emory University
and ME (Fleta) - Landscape, Painting Basics and our regular advanced Studio/Critique classes plus the Studio three day invensive.

I have been painting away, teaching and doing lots of administrative work and I am looking forward to more painting time later this month when I take my "Vacation". Since painting is pleasure, a voyage into the realm of imagination, I dont need to go far to travel. Drop by and see what is going on in the studio.

I will post a bunch of pictures soon!! Promise!

Yours in Art,