Friday, October 07, 2011


an exhibiton of Enviornmental Expressionist work
by Painter Elizabeth Lasley
310 ART
Riverview Station North
191 Lyman Street, Studio #310
Asheville, NC 28801

Oct 8 – Nov 5
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat from 12-4 and by appointment
For more information call the gallery at 828-776-2716
New paintings by Elizabeth Lasley are intricate, evocative and thought provoking. Densely layered with a grid of recycled materials, the work combines the structure of geometric abstraction with lyrical masterly painted expressive cloudscapes. As the painting intertwines with the grid structure a new genre is born that Lasley calls “Environmental Expressionism”
A long time Asheville resident, Lasley began her Skyscape series in response to Asheville's slogan "Land Of The Sky". From this inspiration, she documents the transition from the "grid" source of energy, toward alternative energy and the effects this will have on our region.

Lasley explains the content of her work this way:

“My concern about the environment is the continued effects of pollutants on people and other living beings that results from our current way of generating power. Our region of Western North Carolina is known for it's clean air and magnificent skies, hence the slogan "Land Of The Sky". Sadly this claim continues to be threatened, as air/sky quality is threatened both here and across the country.”

To express these concerns, Lasley layers a grid pattern of collaged elements in most of her mixed media work. This represents two definitions of the concept of “grid”. One relates to the ubiquitous electrical systems of high tension electrical cables that distribute electricity all over the county. Bringing attention to the sources of this energy and the resulting pollution, she creates a visual geometic grid of horizontal and vertical lines in her layered collaged work. This visual expression provides connecting points and suggests locations and intrastructure that supports both our culture and the composition of the paintings. Interlaced with the grid are painted renderings of sky landscapes layered in an intuitive process that express the relationship of the natural world with manmade power structures.

“I would like for my work to be seen in several ways. I am calling to awareness of our environmental issues. Then, I wish to document our growing consciousness of these issues, the societal shift in producing clean energy and offer a hopeful, joyous nod to those who are at the forefront of making these changes.”

Lasley started working full time as an artist in 1999. She is a regular exhibitor at 310 ART in the River Arts District of Asheville where she also teaches courses in mixed media painting. She participates in numerous art exhibitions nationally as well. In 2010 she won three top awards nationally in juried exhibitions. Her most recent acceptance was with the North Carolina Museum of art in Raleigh, where her work was juried into the first annual museum show called," Art Of The Auction".

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

“Play with Perception” - An interactive art exhibit by Julie Robinson

310 ART Gallery
191 Lyman St, Studio #310 at Riverview Station North
River Arts District, Asheville, North Carolina
September 1, 2011 – October 6th, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10 from 5 PM to 7 PM

“I wanted to create a show that would engage and involve the viewer in my paintings.
I’m always fascinated to hear how people respond to my work, especially because my art is abstract and completely open to interpretation. I notice how viewer comments often shift my perception and deepen my awareness of each painting.
It’s an interesting phenomenon to me how we are all so interconnected and always surprising to me to learn what is going on in someone else’s mind.
As a painter, I thought it would be interesting to actually incorporate a collective viewer response on panels that would become part of the exhibit and become a springboard for a new body of work.”
-Julie Robinson

For the duration of the show, viewers are invited to interact with the work and become active participants. Each painting in the exhibit has a partner commentary panel for viewers to write and draw their responses to the two questions posed: What is the first word that comes to mind? and What is the predominate feeling you are experiencing.

Along with the show will be avideo of the pieces of the art in the exhibit. This is posted on Julie’s website and on Facebook. Also concurrent with the show there will be a Facebook photo album and running commentary.
The exhibit is designed to play with your perceptions.

View Play with Perception Video here
Contact: Julie Robinson, 828-505-3546,
or Fleta Monaghan 828-776-2716

Monday, July 04, 2011

Wild Ones and Wax!!

“Wild Ones & Wax”

A group show at 310 ART Gallery
191 Lyman Street, #310
Asheville, NC 28801
Call 828-776-2716 for more info

July 1st – August 31st 2011

Reception Saturday July 9th

Doors open at 11am with demos

Wine, cheese and music from 4:30-6:30

If you smell the sweet scent of honey when you enter 310 ART Gallery it means that artists are in the adjoining studio painting with wax. This year a group of dedicated painters have been meeting to share ideas and work together while creating works in encaustics. This ancient form of painting involves heating beeswax and pigments and painting while the wax is hot and movable. Gentle reheating with a torch or heat gun fuses the surface of the painting creating a durable surface that can last centuries.

Bet Kindley says of the process, "It can be very calming to work in encaustic as the scent of beeswax fills the studio and the hiss of the torch sounds like the ocean. But it can be wild. I've singed my hair and set things on fire."

Happily, no fires have occurred during the Fab Friday Encaustic Studios at 310 ART, but the spirit of fun sparked the concept of “Wild Ones & Wax,” a group show this July and August featuring the encaustic painters who work at the studio together. A “for artists by artists” gallery in the River Arts District of Asheville, 310 ART features work of both emerging and well known artists. The encaustic artists exhibiting are Fleta Monaghan (owner of the studios), Bet Kindley, Terri Monette, Desiree De Mars, Randy Siegel, Sandee Johnson and Marsha Balbier.

“We want this to be a fun and evolving show, where artists can put up newly completed work throughout the two months. Each time you visit you will see new pieces of art, perhaps just completed in our Fab Fridays. There are so many techniques; you will be amazed at the possibilities. If you drop in during one of our studios, you can see the process first hand. We also have beginning classes if you are interested in learning the medium,” says Monaghan.
Sandee Johnson, an artist who has recently moved to the River Arts District from Europe says, “In recent years, the resurgence of interest in encaustic art and new techniques that involve either hot or cold wax has swept the globe. Asheville’s art scene is no exception. When I watch the wax medium melt, puddle, harden and shine, it remains a sensual pleasure. Encasing objects or encapsulating collage materials with beeswax reminds me of the amber fossils found in the Baltic countries, capturing and preserving within nature’s subtle layers. So many other techniques such as printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and other mediums can also be enhanced with the encaustic process, making the finished artwork even more intriguing.

The artists share, inspire one another and are constantly seeking new means of expression. Kindley notes, “Working with these encaustic artists is energizing and inspirational. We celebrate one another's successes and I feel very fortunate to consider them my friends as well as colleagues."

The personal connection with nature while working with the wax is compelling. Desiree De Mars talks about her personal and spiritual experiences. “ For me, the aroma of the beeswax is revitalizing and awakens personal memories of raising bees and life lived in harmony with nature. From my personal research in the practices of the ancient bee masters, I have learned there is energetic information transmitted through the healing properties of the beeswax. It is my hope that through my works you too may be touched by the grace and power of this understanding.”

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hitting the Ground Running for 2011

Horses, Paintings by Fleta Monaghan, Sculpture by Tiffany Ownbey, On the ground, abstract work by Martin DeWitt
Mixed Media by Elizabeth Lasley

Mark Holland (left Floral) Elizabeth Lasley and Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson

Karen Weihs (left wall) Mary Farmer, Tiffany Ownbey sculpture

Karen Ives

Elizabeth Henderson

Our gallery is fantastic! I want to share some pictures of the current exhibition with you, and I hope you can come in to see the gallery every so often this coming 2011. This work will be on exhibit through Jan 13th, and most you see here for several months thereafter. We will be changing our featured artist spot (the horses) in January so I want to let you know what is coming up for the Winter/Spring season.

Don Pippen will show his recent Mountain Landscapes from Jan 13th - Feb 28th. Be sure to stop in to see his show!

Betty Carlson and Bob Martin, our favorite artist couple will exhibit work from March 1 through April 13th. The show is titled "Duet" featuring fiber work, oil paintings, and sumi-e works with Betty's haiku poems.

From April 15th through May 15th we are hosting the first National Women in the Arts Fundation show at the gallery. Titled "River of Art, from NY to Asheville" the work pays homage to the women who have inspired us in our art. We are thrilled to welcome our collegues from NY and other states for this small works show!

From May 4th through the 30th selected 310 ARTists will exhibit at Gallery 86 in Waynesville, NC. The show is titled "310 ART, Contemporary works from the River Arts District". I will be curating and installing the show, and am looking forward to the opportunity to showcase some of the great talent of the teachers and artists affiliated with the gallery. A Gala Reception on May 6th coincides with the first "Art After Dark" in downtown Waynesville from 6-9pm.

In June we will have plenty of new work up for the summer Studio Stroll, and huge event held the second full weekend every June and November. The dates are June 11th and 12th from 10-6.
See you in 2011

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you are in Atlanta, drop by the new boutique gallery in Buckhead. The Art House opened Nov 4th!!

See some of my new oil and cold wax paintings on exhibit for the Grand Opening.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun things this Summer!

Mary Farmer taught two encaustic workshops, and both classes were filled! It was a fun three days to make lots of paintings and learn many techniques of the medium. Mary will be back Oct 30th for an Advanced Demo. I hope everyone can make it back for the class, more to learn! Here are the participants in the August class with Mary (Top row right). Peanut had a good time too!

It was hot everywhere, but we still got out to paint at the park, and here is a view of the French Broad River. This park is just a few minutes from the studio and has everything visible to make a beautiful painting: Sky, clouds, trees, river, people, dogs, benches, cool breezes, striking shadows and the pleasure of being outside.

We will be returning to the park this fall. The colors will be beautiful as ever, and the cooler fall weather is welcomed!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010

Greetings! I realized it has been quite a while since posting! Our new gallery was a year old in April, and things have been busy. We have had a number of featured artist exhibitions, and will continue through the fall season with new work each month.

River's Edge Studio is currently hosting classes taught by some wonderful artists and scholars. Coming this month (August) are classes being taught by
Lorelle Bacon - Colored Pencil
Mary Farmer - Encaustic
and this fall we will have
Jane Snyder - watercolor
Lorelle Bacon - Portraits from life and Miniature Art classes
Elizabeth Lasley - Mixed Media and Assemblage
Mary Farmer - Encaustic, advanced Demo
Bob Martin - Landscape Sumi-e
Karen Weihs - From Field to Folly, painting Seminart
Susan Stratton - Art History Lecturer from Emory University
and ME (Fleta) - Landscape, Painting Basics and our regular advanced Studio/Critique classes plus the Studio three day invensive.

I have been painting away, teaching and doing lots of administrative work and I am looking forward to more painting time later this month when I take my "Vacation". Since painting is pleasure, a voyage into the realm of imagination, I dont need to go far to travel. Drop by and see what is going on in the studio.

I will post a bunch of pictures soon!! Promise!

Yours in Art,