Friday, October 07, 2011


an exhibiton of Enviornmental Expressionist work
by Painter Elizabeth Lasley
310 ART
Riverview Station North
191 Lyman Street, Studio #310
Asheville, NC 28801

Oct 8 – Nov 5
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat from 12-4 and by appointment
For more information call the gallery at 828-776-2716
New paintings by Elizabeth Lasley are intricate, evocative and thought provoking. Densely layered with a grid of recycled materials, the work combines the structure of geometric abstraction with lyrical masterly painted expressive cloudscapes. As the painting intertwines with the grid structure a new genre is born that Lasley calls “Environmental Expressionism”
A long time Asheville resident, Lasley began her Skyscape series in response to Asheville's slogan "Land Of The Sky". From this inspiration, she documents the transition from the "grid" source of energy, toward alternative energy and the effects this will have on our region.

Lasley explains the content of her work this way:

“My concern about the environment is the continued effects of pollutants on people and other living beings that results from our current way of generating power. Our region of Western North Carolina is known for it's clean air and magnificent skies, hence the slogan "Land Of The Sky". Sadly this claim continues to be threatened, as air/sky quality is threatened both here and across the country.”

To express these concerns, Lasley layers a grid pattern of collaged elements in most of her mixed media work. This represents two definitions of the concept of “grid”. One relates to the ubiquitous electrical systems of high tension electrical cables that distribute electricity all over the county. Bringing attention to the sources of this energy and the resulting pollution, she creates a visual geometic grid of horizontal and vertical lines in her layered collaged work. This visual expression provides connecting points and suggests locations and intrastructure that supports both our culture and the composition of the paintings. Interlaced with the grid are painted renderings of sky landscapes layered in an intuitive process that express the relationship of the natural world with manmade power structures.

“I would like for my work to be seen in several ways. I am calling to awareness of our environmental issues. Then, I wish to document our growing consciousness of these issues, the societal shift in producing clean energy and offer a hopeful, joyous nod to those who are at the forefront of making these changes.”

Lasley started working full time as an artist in 1999. She is a regular exhibitor at 310 ART in the River Arts District of Asheville where she also teaches courses in mixed media painting. She participates in numerous art exhibitions nationally as well. In 2010 she won three top awards nationally in juried exhibitions. Her most recent acceptance was with the North Carolina Museum of art in Raleigh, where her work was juried into the first annual museum show called," Art Of The Auction".

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