Thursday, April 02, 2009

310 ART Opens!!

It has been a busy winter at the studio. A new gallery space has been created at River's Edge Studio, and it all happened fast and furious. The project involved painting floors and walls, putting up drywall, improving the lighting, adding doors, baseboards, and the final work of our Trompe L'Oeil door which invites art lovers inside. Many thanks to Randall, Isabel, Maureen, Elizabeth, Kathy, Mark, Nick, Mary, Sean and Helaine for pitching in with work and contributions to make this happen quickly! There is still work to do, but the art is up, and the door is almost done (Maureen is a pro at Trompe L'Oeil murals and signs) and we have already had a very well attended Open House, and visitors from Maryland, Kentucky, Atlanta and lots of visitors from WNC. We are looking forward to a fun and busy spring season here in the River Arts District at Riverview Station. You can find the gallery at the north end of the building, behind the painted door. I will post more photos soon. Above is a shot as the work was being installed.

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